We love and believe in the local church! Our lives were forever changed in a local church. 15 years ago God gave us a dream. The dream was that one day we would lead a church that would impact the world. We didn’t know when, where or how that would happen, but we were certain of His promise to us.

We began by serving. For 15 years we have loved serving the next generation of youth and young adults in churches of 100 to 10,000 across this nation. We have seen thousands come to life and wholeness in Jesus. In the summer of 2014, God began to speak to us about ending our 15-year student ministry season. He showed us something new. We would impact more than an age demographic; we would impact an entire city and the world for Him. He gave us a vision of a church “anchored” by the message of grace won for us through Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Innumerable lives would be changed through this church.

God has made it clear that the time is now and the place is Las Vegas. We are passionately expecting God to do great things. The presence of God is guiding us and our faith is driving us. We wholeheartedly believe that Anchor Hill Church will be the reality of the dream that was given to us years ago.

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